Types Of Designer Handbags

Handbags are a must have accessory for every woman. They are considered an essential part of every woman’s ideal wardrobe. With the various trends in the market, women often find themselves constantly changing from one handbag to another. Cheap Designer handbags have come a long way in terms of shape, color and even design. You will find many types of handbags in the market to suit whichever occasion or function required. They can be classified according to size, shape, material or purpose they serve. Let’s have a look at some of the common types:

When it comes to functionality, the most prominent varieties of designer bags are the athletic bag, cosmetic bag, tote bag and even the beach bag. The athletic bag is a big roomy bag mostly used to carry sports equipment and attire when going to the gym. If you are the sporty type, this is the best bag for you. There are several luxury brands in the market such as Gucci and Louis vuitton. Cosmetic bags are mostly small to medium sized and are specifically for holding your cosmetics. The tote on the other hand is a medium sized to large bag with two handles. It is valued for its ability to carry anything that is too large for the regular bags. It is often suitable for use when going shopping.

Bags can also be classified according to the material or texture they are made from. You will find embroidered, velvet pouches, leather, and faux fur, cotton, quilted and even muff bag varieties. Leather is the most common material used. This is because it does not wear and tear easily when well maintained.

On the basis of size, you will find varieties such as clutches, slings, shoulder bags and duffels. Clutches are mostly small and strapless and are suited for an evening out. Sling bags are smaller than messenger bags and have long straps. They are ideal for a day out when you are only carrying a few items. Shoulder bags are big and generally apt for day to day activities. The duffel on the other hand is larger and mostly used for traveling due to their large roomy nature.

Purchasing a Discount designer handbags can also be classified according to their shape. In this category you will find varieties such as barrel bags, bucket, envelope, hobo, wristlet, saddle, and satchel and feeder bags. The hobo bag is a large bag that is crescent in shape. It has a zip on the main compartment unlike the tote. The saddle bag usually has multiple pockets on the front part and usually has one strap. A satchel comes with two straps and has a wide rectangular shaped base. Wristlet is a clutch shaped bag that has a strap on one side only. This enables you to dangle it freely over your wrist instead of clutching it.

When choosing a suitable bag, go for the one that best suits your specific need. Whether it is shopping, going to the beach, a date, the office or a party, there are beautiful handbags to suit your needs and taste.